Kansas Mule Deer Hunting

Kansas Mule Deer Hunting at Red Dog really is incredible. Talk about an untapped resource we have here in Kansas.  Tags are difficult to obtain though.  If you’re only after a Mule Deer you may just look at our opportunities in Nebraska.  If you decide to roll the Dice on Western Kansas Mule Deer you need to have the mindset that a Trophy Whitetail will do because that's how that lottery works.  You will go into an initial lottery for Non-Resident Whitetail, then if you choose and pay the extra money for the stamp you’ll be entered into another drawing.  This is only possible with a Bow or Muzzleloader. Non-residents and Rifles don’t mix with Mule Deer in Kansas.  Residents can hunt here with an OTC tag, but getting resident hunters to pay for an outfitted hunt is no easy task.  So there you have it, 30,000 plus private acres filled with some of the best Creek Bottoms, Irrigated Farmland, CRP, Grass and wasteland sitting here ripe for picking.

We have land in unit 1, 2 and 3.  We are known as a Whitetail Outfitter only because 99% of the hunts we put on are just that, Whitetail.  I’ve had very few hunters come through with a Mule Deer tag and the ones that have, which I have references for, have taken the following.  A 187” Mule Deer Taken by Blake Garrett in 2016, a 185” Mule Deer taken with a Bow by Kate S, 140’s class Mule by Tom S, 180’s class wounded and lost Buck by Deborah S. and 180’s class wounded and lost Buck by Brian P.  Every deer but Blakes was within 2 days of the hunt.  Not many apply for this tag, as in unit one its very hard to draw; however now that we’re in unit 2 things are different.  If you want to add some spice to your Kansas hunt with me lets add this stamp to your tag and see what we can do.  Resident Hunters can purchase an OTC Muzzleloader license and hunt all of Muzzleloader season and regular Rifle, however, they must use only muzzleloading equipment,.  We are going to step up our efforts to find resident Hunters in 2018 as I believe with the land we have leased that we could take 35-40 additional Mule Deer a year.  Baby steps.  This year we’ll try to get 5 or 6 Mule Deer on the ground to prove what we have and we’ll go from there.

2019 Pricing - $4500 guided - $2500 semi-guided


Let's Hunt Kansas!

Nebraska Mule Deer Hunting

For those of you that are interested in Hunting Nebraska Mule Deer, you’re in for a treat.  Tags take up to two years to get, tops and that's for Rifle.  Rifle season is during the Rut and is probably one of the best Hunts in the nation because of it.  You can also score a non-resident OTC Archery tag that's good for any Deer for just 235 Buck.  How cool is that?  I wish Kansas would do the same, but we do have land where those are the rules.  God Bless Nebraska, the good life.  Most of our Nebraska Acres are between the Kansas State line and I80 in south central Nebraska.  The country here is rough, wooded and unforgiving.  Not what you’d typically envision when you think of Nebraska.  This is a patient Hunters game.  Coffee and Spotting Scopes are your best assets on this trip, from there you’ll need a fair amount of skill and luck as well as patience.  I offer both guided and semi-guided opportunities in Nebraska.  If you haven’t hunted Deer on foot before I highly suggest you hire me to guide you the first time or bring a buddy that has experience.  I love making money, but to say that spot and stalk trophy hunting is easy would be a lie of epic proportions.  Sure you’ll hear them say it but at the end of the day, this is one of the most challenging hunts in the world.  Being a target rich environment, Nebraska will offer the purest Sportsman plenty to keep their mind busy.  Nebraska is beautiful and hosts some of the biggest Herds of Deer and Turkey in North America, by far the most in our region.  If you’re anything like me just seeing game keeps me pretty darn happy.  Most of our trips in Nebraska start from a 4 wheeler, some tripods and some big expensive glass, oh yeah, and coffee.  This is a great time of year to catch a sunrise, watch the glimmer of the sun in your cup full of sparkling steamy Coffee.  Something about the air and the start of a September Morning, it really feels right just being out there.  Generally within minutes of legal light you’re watching multiple herds of Deer near and far.  This is then the trip can get over in a hurry if you play your cards right.  Please feel free to call or write for more information.

2019 Pricing - $4500 guided - $2500 semi-guided

Let's Hunt Nebraska!