Red Dog Outfitters was founded August of 2010 in Colorado. Our Mission was to provide a quality hunt for Whitetail, Mule Deer, Duck, Goose, and Pheasant at an honest price that everyone can afford. We have roughly 18000 acres under contract in Kansas and in Nebraska spread out over five counties in-game unit 1 in Kansas and the Platte Unit in Nebraska. Mule Deer are prominent in the pastures and dry lands crop areas where the Whitetail stick mostly to the river and creek bottoms in both states.RDO Map

Quickly we moved into Kansas as well to offer world class Whitetail and Mule Deer. After a disappointing draw in Kansas this year we decided it was time to expand into Nebraska and have signed over 5 miles of river bottom on the Platte east of North Platte Nebraska. Nebraska offers over the counter Archery and Muzzleloader licenses so it was a natural fit. Red Dog Outfitters has quickly become a leader in the Outfitting Industry by selling REALITY, not a dream. Sure, we kill monster Whitetail and Mule Deer but you won’t hear me selling you a 170″ Whitetail Buck or a 200″ Mule Deer unless you have a Tag for either and are hiring me to guide you. Those Deer do not live on every farm so its been my philosophy to sign the highest quality leases and sell Deer that DO live on every farm. 95% of hunters harvest Bucks or are happy with a shot opportunity on a Whitetail in the 130 to 150″ inch range. If you want a Whitetail over 150, I can do that for you but it must be guided. We have to target a specific Buck which takes scouting and a good plan. I have Deer of this quality on every farm I have, the bigger the fewer of course. IF some freak reason a farm doesn’t have what you’re looking for, we certainly won’t hunt it. You’re looking at an accredited member of the better business bureau with an A rating and zero complaints. Call me and let's discuss your goals and plan a hunt! Tim Clark (720) 232-0173